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OneClickTennis Summer Masters 2009

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Summer Masters competition:

Fremont Singles 4.4 Saurabh Ganeriwal
Fremont Singles 3.7 Sujit Kirpekar
Milpitas Singles 3.1 Ajith Ramakrishnan
Palo Alto Singles 5.1 Sangdo Suk
Palo Alto Singles 3.9 Hovhannes Tumanyan
Palo Alto Singles 3.5 Bob Zopp
Palo Alto Singles 3.0 Maroo Lieuw
San Jose Singles 5.0 Roberto Guerrero
San Jose Singles 4.2 Alok Bal
San Jose Singles 3.3 Ben Geravesh
San Mateo Singles 3.8 Preech Pollapun
San Mateo Singles 3.2 Rene Leon
Sunnyvale Doubles 4.4 Paul Gillot & Farid Morsi
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.5 Amit Kathuria & Murali Devakumar
Sunnyvale Singles 5.0 Sid Mathai
Sunnyvale Singles 4.5 Jose Zambrana
Sunnyvale Singles 4.4 Paul Stanfield
Sunnyvale Singles 3.8 Sidney Williams
Sunnyvale Singles 3.2 Dev Arora
Sunnyvale Singles 3.0 Jeff Cole
Sunnyvale Singles 2.5 Kazuyo Levitan

Congratulations to the Masters! We would like to thank all the players who made this event a great success.

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