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OneClickTennis Spring Masters 2009

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Spring Masters competition:

Sunnyvale Doubles 4.3 Jeremy Thornton & Daniel Shane
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.7 Dan LeVasseur & Bhaskar Thiagarajan
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.1 Sameer Ladiwala & Sid B
Fremont Singles 4.5 Saurabh Ganeriwal
Fremont Singles 3.7 William Hu
Fremont Singles 4.5 Harsh K Singh v. Shuja Jafar
Palo Alto Singles 2.9 Robert Falls
Palo Alto Singles 3.5 Hart Eddy
Palo Alto Singles 3.9 Scott OBrien
Palo Alto Singles 4.7 Andrew Huysmans
Milpitas Singles 3.2 Srinath Chavali
Milpitas Singles 4.9 Ted Barney
San Jose Singles 3.7 Joe Tang
San Jose Singles 4.1 Frank DeSpain
San Jose Singles 4.7 Tony Nguyen
Sunnyvale Singles 2.3 Sridevi Parise
Sunnyvale Singles 2.9 Jack Fu
Sunnyvale Singles 3.3 Julius Paras
Sunnyvale Singles 3.8 Bobby Hsieh
Sunnyvale Singles 4.4 Ashok Anumandla
Sunnyvale Singles 4.9 Ted Barney
Sunnyvale Doubles 2.9 Michelle Jen & Jack Fu
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.8 Paul Gillot & Antoine M Gillot
Sunnyvale Doubles 4.3 Bhaskar Thiagarajan & Dan LeVasseur
Sunnyvale Doubles 4.5 Krishnan Viswanathan & Rayan Yellina

Congratulations to the Masters! We would like to thank all the players who made this event a great success.

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