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OneClickTennis Summer Masters 2008

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2008 Summer Masters competition:

Sunnyvale Doubles 4.4 Shobhit Malik & Sudharshan Parthasarathy
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.4 Amit Kathuria & Anuj Kathuria
Sunnyvale Doubles 2.6 Dev Arora & Jayesh Shah
Sunnyvale Singles 4.7 Michael Obadia
Sunnyvale Singles 4.4 Sunny Kaura
Sunnyvale Singles 4.1 Sarvesh Telang
Sunnyvale Singles 3.7 Krishnan Viswanathan
Sunnyvale Singles 3.4 Rajiv Vora
Sunnyvale Singles 3.1 Salil Chaudhari
Sunnyvale Singles 2.8 Yakgna Arumugam
Sunnyvale Singles 2.4 Dinesh Palanivelu
Santa Cruz Singles 3.9 Robert Silva
San Mateo Singles 4.6 Patricio Barraza
San Mateo Singles 3.7 Mike Beavers
San Mateo Singles 3.0 Charles Sloyer
Upper Peninsula Doubles 3.7 Toshi Kureha & Eric Gustav Kuchherzki
San Jose Singles 4.8 Ted Barney
San Jose Singles 4.3 Srivatsa Sharma
San Jose Singles 3.9 Steven Brady
San Jose Singles 3.3 Steve Wasik
San Jose Singles 3.0 Dwight Martin
San Francisco Singles 4.0 Kevin Bowe
Palo Alto Singles 4.3 Robert Rabin
Palo Alto Singles 3.9 Vincent Lee
Palo Alto Singles 3.6 Scott O'Brian
Palo Alto Singles 2.8 Robert Falls
Oakland Singles 4.4 Mario Covarrubias
Oakland Singles 3.4 Joshua Breyman
Milpitas Singles 3.8 Ashok Anumandla
Milpitas Singles 3.2 Sameer Ladiwala
Fremont Singles 4.4 Saurabh Ganeriwal
Fremont Singles 3.8 Amit Aggarwal
Fremont Singles 3.1 Rohit Gupta

Congratulations to the Masters! We would like to thank all the players who made this event a great success.

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