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OneClickTennis Fall Masters 2008

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2008 Summer Masters competition:

Sunnyvale Doubles 4.3 Jeremy Thornton & Daniel Shane
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.7 Dan LeVasseur & Bhaskar Thiagarajan
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.1 Sameer Ladiwala & Sid B
Fremont Singles 4.5 Saurabh Ganeriwal
Fremont Singles 3.4 Mathew Jacob
Fremont Singles 3.1 Rohit Gupta
Milpitas Singles 4.4 Tony Nguyen
Milpitas Singles 4.0 Yogesh Kapadne
Milpitas Singles 3.4 Ramesh Palavanchu
Oakland Singles 4.5 competition postponed due to injuries
Palo Alto Singles 4.3 Jack Woo
Palo Alto Singles 3.9 Lorenz Laubinger v. Albert Lung in Dec'09
Palo Alto Singles 3.8 Scott O'Brian
Palo Alto Singles 3.2 Josh Rubin
Palo Alto Singles 2.7 Audrey Li v. Jim Lewandowski in Dec'09
San Francisco Singles 3.9 Lorenz Laubinger
San Francisco Singles 3.7 Preech Pollapun
San Jose Singles 4.4 Tony Nguyen
San Jose Singles 4.0 John Tsutsui
San Jose Singles 3.8 Matt Daugavietis
San Jose Singles 3.5 William Nguyen
San Jose Singles 3.2 Divyatej Sharma
San Jose Singles 2.8 Mustafa Saglam
San Mateo Singles 3.9 Conrad Dias
San Mateo Singles 3.9 Herb Wong
San Mateo Singles 3.1 Rene Leon
Sunnyvale Singles 4.8 Ted Barney
Sunnyvale Singles 4.4 Phuong Trang v. Samir Hrnjadovic in Dec'09
Sunnyvale Singles 4.1 Allen Castillo
Sunnyvale Singles 3.8 Chetan Uttarkar
Sunnyvale Singles 3.5 Wiburt Labio
Sunnyvale Singles 3.2 Rajvinder Singh
Sunnyvale Singles 2.8 Vinay Rao
Sunnyvale Singles 2.4 Vinit Abraham

Congratulations to the Masters! We would like to thank all the players who made this event a great success.

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