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OneClickTennis Spring Charity Masters 2008

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2008 Spring Charity Masters competition:

Fremont Singles 3.6 Ravinder Banka
Milpitas Singles 4.5 Roberto Guerrero
Milpitas Singles 3.7 John Tsutsui
Palo Alto Singles 4.4 Rajiv Khilnani
Palo Alto Singles 3.4 Sam Ian
San Francisco Singles 3.8 Rohan Vaidya
San Jose Singles 4.1 Tony Nguyen
San Jose Singles 3.6 Frank DeSpain
San Jose Singles 3.1 Constant Tse
Sunnyvale Doubles 4.1 Daniel Shane & Jeremy Thornton
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.2 Amit Kathuria & Anuj Kathuria
Sunnyvale Singles 4.6 Ted Barney
Sunnyvale Singles 4.2 Gurvinder Singh
Sunnyvale Singles 3.9 Rajeev Gupta
Sunnyvale Singles 3.9 Susan Zangl
Sunnyvale Singles 3.4 Stephen Smoot
Sunnyvale Singles 3.2 Amit Kathuria
Sunnyvale Singles 3.0 Bin Wan
Sunnyvale Singles 2.7 Yakgna Arumugam
San Mateo Singles 3.6 Quan Le
San Mateo Singles 2.9 Charles Sloyer

Congratulations to the Masters! We would like to thank all the players who made this event a great success.

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