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OneClickTennis Masters 2007

The 2007 OneClickTennis Masters competition involved both round-robin single-elimination phase, so we warmly congratulate the Masters on their receipt of these presigious titles.

The winners of the 2007 OneClickTennis Masters competition

Sunnyvale Singles 4.3 Ted Barney
Sunnyvale Singles 4.0 Mahesh Bhoothapuri
Sunnyvale Singles 3.7 Stalin Subbiah
Sunnyvale Singles 3.4 Gaurav Tomar
Sunnyvale Singles 3.2 Naval Verma
Sunnyvale Singles 2.8 Gautam Mulchadani
San Jose Singles 4.2 Eric Tiger
San Jose Singles 3.8 Sandeep Deswal
San Jose Singles 3.4 Sam Ian
San Jose Singles 3.0 Jamie Tran
Palo Alto Singles 4.3 Andrew Huysmans
Palo Alto Singles 3.8 Peter Trice
Palo Alto Singles 3.4 Jeremy Chen
Palo Alto Singles 3.1 Rich Barry
Milpitas Singles 4.0 Ravi Konduri
Fremont Singles 4.5 Rey del Fierro
Fremont Singles 3.6 Mani Lakshmanan
San Mateo Singles 4.3 Ted Barney
San Mateo Singles 3.5 Quan Le
San Mateo Singles 2.9 Alex Rozenfeld
San Francisco Singles 3.7 Rohan Vaidya
San Francisco Singles 2.8 Bob Zopp
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.8 Jeremy Thornton / Khin Nyo
Sunnyvale Doubles 3.4 Daniel Shane / Chih-Rei Chu

The 2007 OneClickTennis Masters competition winners will be honored at our celebration event on Saturday, Nov 10 at 2pm at one of Sunnyvale locations (to be announced). This event will also feature awarding the The Activity Contest winners and a free OneClickTennis clinic.

The winners' profiles are updated on our Hall of Fame on the OneClickTennis website. As the Masters competition format gained common acceptance among many OneClick members, we will be organizing at least two events of this type in 2008. Get ready!