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2009 Calendar of OneClick Competition Events

2009 Calendar of OneClick Competition Events

Hungry for win? OneClickTennis is proud to present an exciting series of standardized competition events for the year 2009. These will include:

Event Registration Starts Registration Ends Matches Start Matches End Prize Awards
Season Opening Activity Contest No registration Jan 31 Feb 15 Mar 2
Spring Masters Competition Feb 16 Feb 28 Mar 2 Apr 12 May 2
Summer Masters Competition June 29 Jul 11 Jul 13 Aug 23 Sep 13
Fall Masters Competition Sep 7 Sep 19 Sep 21 Nov 1 Nov 15
Season Closing Activity Contest No registration Nov 7 Nov 22 Dec 6

OneClickTennis 2009 events will continue our best traditions of time-and-space flexibility and offer mix-gender framework and the highest level of competitive fairness based on our unique OneClickTennis rating system. We have introduced a few modifications to the Masters Competition, including a small registration fee to boost the commitment to play and the bigger-then-ever prize pool. Check out the Masters Rules for details.

Mark your tennis calendars today!