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Name: Venkat Gajulapalli
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 01/31/2010
Dynamic Rating: 3.87
Description: Hi, Tennis is my passion. Open to play Tennis around Santa Clara/Milpitas/Sunnyvale/Sanjose. Weekdays - in the evenings around 7:00 PM . open to play in the morning on Week-ends.
Matches Played: 102
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 83
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 58 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.64 out of 5 (based on 58 reports)
What Others Say:
“Very good overall player with variety of all shots. Exceptional volley player..”
“solid volleys and overhead shots, which make it difficult to return when Venkat is at the net.”
“Very friendly guy with a consistent game. Very fun match.”
“It was another enjoyable and high quality match with Venkat. Hope to play Venkat again soon.”
“I had a lot of fun playing with Venkat. Venkat is quick, very consistent and have good volleys. It was a tough and enjoyable match and I look forward to playing Venkat again. ”
“Venkat is a good all-around player. Nice guy to play with and always professional. Looking forward to playing him next time.”
“Great guy, great tennis. Looking forward to the next one.”
“Venkat is a good person.Has good interest in tennis.He has consistent game and hits flat forehand.Amazed to see his court coverage.Was close both sets.”
“Very consistent. Very nice person as everyone wrote. ”
“Nice person with good forehand. Plays the sport with the right attitude. Very fair line calls.”
“Nice guy, strong forehand, should attack with it.”
“Always a pleasant experience playing Venkat. His forehand has improved since the last time we played. Fair line calls and a great person.”
“Nice guy, with fair line calls”
“Tremendously consistent player. Great court coverage, advanced net game, and can sustain very long rallies. An all around great player & very friendly/nice person. Look forward to playing again!!!”
“It was a real pleasure playing Venkat. Strong Forehand with an elegant mostly error-free backhand. He makes very few errors and has very good fitness. Very kind with line calls even on important points. Will definitely play him again.”
“Great to play Venkata again”
“Good cross-court forehand. Backhand will take some more time to mature, but that is just the nature of one-handed backhand. Overall, solid fundamentals. ”
“Good mover on the court, reliable shots on both wings. Fair calls and nice person. Good to play Venkat, he is a fast improving player”
“Venkat payed exceptionally well tonight. He returned a lot of hard balls and showed some impressive forehand attacks. Great play!”
“well played match”
“Venkat is, first of all, a very nice person. He also has a lot of tennis abilities including occasional "killer" forehand shots. We had a very exciting second set.”
“Venkat is a very nice guy. A good competitor.”
“Nice forehand and good court coverage. Improvement in service could improve game lot.”
“Very nice person, generous on calls, with consistent game. Manages to get every ball back.”
“A little bit of power to his serve and strokes, he will be hard to beat. Always a pleasure to play with Venkat!”
“Venkat is a gentle and kind person. He had very nice cross court backhand shots. Great player to rally with ~ Play again soon.”
“Venkat is a true gentleman and fun to play with.”
“Nice person!”
“Nice guy with nice cross court backhand.”
“Venkat apparently thought the match was cancelled, didn't show. Just confusion, not an issue.”
“Venkat was a gentleman and even went to get a ball which I hit out of the court.”
“Very nice guy, hits great angled shots. Fun to play with”
“Very nice and gentle person. Like to play with him again.”